Ifeanyi ruins Davido’s tastefully decorated living room and stands above a N68 million TV while watching a cartoon.

Ifeanyi, the son of Davido, plays with everything because he is still a toddler and has no idea how much anything costs in his father’s home.

The toddler could be seen playing in Davido’s elegantly decorated living room as he watched cartoons on the large TV in a series of videos published by Israeli DMW.

He danced, leapt from floor to couch, and even decided that it would be nice to stand atop the mount where the TV that supposedly cost Davido N68 million was mounted for a decent view.

Isreal appeared to be the only person there in the living area while playing with the son of his boss.

But of course, should anything happen to the Tv, OBO can afford to acquire even a better one