FAANI, CHACHA EKE’S husband, denies allegations of domestic violence.

Austin Faani, the husband of Nollywood actress Chacha Eke, has denied allegations that he physically assaulted his wife.

Chacha recently announced on her Instagram page that she was ending her nine-year marriage to Austin because she no longer wanted to do so.

She added, “I am here again on social media openly stating that I am done with my marriage for the second time in two years.

“Austin Faani, the medical professionals, and my parents are of course all aware of my long overdue/unwavering attitude on this.
My lawyers, the welfare division, and the Nigerian Police Force have my recorded video statements and testimony ready for public distribution on all social media platforms and major newspapers if the worst happens and I am suddenly cut off from the outside world.

Her message misled many into believing that she abandoned the relationship as a result of domestic violence she had witnessed at home.

“I don’t like to use violence. Personally, I abhor all forms of violence. In my entire life, including with my wife, I have never raised my hand against a woman.

“The absolute truth of this matter is known by everyone involved, and I am not in a position to reveal it. The original speaker will eventually continue the conversation. Letting light lead is what he said in the post.

The actress had previously announced the breakdown of her marriage. Many people believed she was the victim of physical abuse when she originally announced her split with Austin in October 2020.

The actress responded to the domestic abuse claim in a video, denying that her hubby had ever hit her or yelled at her.

She continued by stating that she had received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and that it had been associated with her pregnancy at the time.