One food that is frequently enjoyed in Nigerian homes and at special occasions like weddings, festivals, jubilees, and the like is rice.

In the majority of Nigerian homes, it is one dish that is offered on Sundays and other days. The rice is so well-liked that a jollof war breaks out between Ghana and Nigeria.

The winner has not yet been determined, though. Once more, the winner depends on the diner’s palate and the chef’s dexterous talents.

It has been investigated in methods to be cooked or refurbished to keep it fresh in most kitchens because it has a regular manner of appearing. If not the traditional white rice and stew, it could be prepared as jollof rice, palm oil rice, fried rice, or “pepper soup jollof rice,” as it is described in this recipe.


Extended Basmati Rice
Uyayak \spepper curry powder
Prawns in season or prawn powder
poultry, beef, and turkey (use protein of choice)
cow’s heart, liver, and kidney
condiment cube
argentine powder
fresh and powdered garlic
Spinach onions and scent leaves
Half-long sweet peppers or habanero peppers


Put your choice of protein or chicken into a pot after washing it.

Salt, seasoning cubes, chopped onions, crushed and powdered garlic, uyayak, and seasoning are all added.

Fill the pot with water and add the chicken and spices. Water should be added just enough to cover the chicken in the pot.

Give the chicken 15-20 minutes to cook. till ready and tender.

Add certain portions of blended habanero pepper, fresh or blended prawn, fragrance leaves, pepper soup spice, and blended crayfish to the chicken after it has simmered for 15-20 minutes. Next, stir.

Rice that has already been parboiled should be added to the mixture and gently stirred. Add a little water along with the remaining pepper. When the water is completely dry, cook covered.

For garnish, color, and most importantly nutrition, add freshly cut vegetable greens like ugu leaves or any other of your choosing.