Chaos as Ogogo beats up a tout for dragging his “agbada” after dropping money “Once a Boxer, Always a Boxer”

Famous Yoruba actor Taiwo Hassan, well known by the stage name Ogogo, recently got into a confrontation with a tout and chose to share his side of the event before the tale was modified. It is not unusual to see celebrities surrounded by thugs or fans who are trying to extort money or take pictures of them in public.
Ogogo posted a video of himself with a group of youngsters, but the situation quickly descended into pandemonium when the actor buried his fist in the body of a tout.
Ogogo claimed that while visiting his hometown to look at a project, a group of men approached him and pretended to be fans who had seen him in movies. The actor offered everything he had because he was aware that fame came with demands, but one of the touts grabbed onto his “agbada” and demanded money he couldn’t afford. When Ogogo asked the young man to leave, he was confronted with a “do your worst” challenge that developed into physical violence.
The actor reminded people that once a boxer, always a fighter after pleading with the public to stop bothering celebrities.
Said he: “Let me share the truth and my side of the story before bloggers write about it. I was in my hometown of Ilaro for a project inspection when a group of unidentified men approached me for the customary appraisals. I offered everything I had, as an actor we hear these things all the time, but one of them dragged me by my agbada and demanded payment for something I couldn’t afford. Asking him to go, he responded, “Do your worst,” and the rest is history. Stop bugging performers. Do you get paid for doing your job? No, we do it too. When we offer anything, accept it. Keep in mind that once a boxer, always a boxer.”