10 Best Rated Asian Dishes

Best asian dishes
Dim sum

1. Cop Sis

Cop sis
Cop sis

Cop sis is  delicious meal made with lamb scraps and fat that has been marinated in a combination of olive oil, oregano, black pepper then placed on a split wood skewers and quickly roasted, then flavored with garlic and tomatoes.

This meal originated from Turkey and can be translated trash shish or garbage shish which might be because of the fact that the dish is made from scraps and leftovers.

It is often served as an appetizer before the main meal

2. Adana Kebap

Adana kebap
Adana kebap

Adana kebap is a popular skewered meat dish named after a famous kebab city in Turkey, Adana. It is made with ground lamb and tail fat that are kneaded together with garlic, onion, paprika and hot red pepper flakes , giving it a deep red color and spicy flavor

The mixture is placed around large and flat metal skewers, then grilled. Once it is done, the grilled meat is traditionally served on a platter with rice and salad or stuffed into bread along with a salad consisting of parsley and red onions

3. Yakiniku


Yakiniku is a term denoting a Japanese technique of cooking bite-sized pieces of meat and vegetables on a table grill. It can also refer to a number of dishes cooked using the same technique. Yakiniku has Korean origins and was inspired by the famous Korean dishes galbi and bulgogi, although the meat in yakiniku is usually not marinated before grilling.


Traditionally, raw, thinly sliced meat and vegetables are brought to the table and grilled by the consumers. The most popular meat for yakiniku includes beef, pork, chicken, and a variety of shellfish. Numerous sauces and dips are usually served on the side – from soy sauce and miso sauce to garlic oil sauce.

These tasty dishes are very popular at large social gatherings and celebrations, and there is even an official Yakiniku Day, celebrated annually on August 29 ever since 1993.

4. Mercimek corbası

Mercimek corbasi
Mercimek corbasi

Mercimek corbası is a beloved Turkish soup made with red lentils, chicken stock, onions, and carrots. It is often seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, or paprika. Easy to prepare, filling, and warming, the soup is consumed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in rural parts of Turkey, especially in local eateries known as lokantas.

5. Iskender Kebap

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A specialty of the city of Bursa, İskender kebap is named after a butcher called İskender Bey, who first prepared this flavorful dish. It consists of thinly sliced lamb that is grilled and combined with a spicy tomato sauce and pita bread, while melted sheep butter and yogurt are traditionally drizzled over the dish at the table.

It is recommended to pair this kebap with şıra, a Turkish beverage that is known to aid digestion.

6. Gaziantep baklavasi

IMG 20200607 180135 160

he ancient Anatolian city of Antep, today known as Gaziantep, is Turkey’s gastronomic capital famous for being home to the world’s finest pistachios and the delicious Antep baklavası. Originally an Ottoman legacy, baklava is regarded as one of the greatest creations from the pastry chefs at Topkapı Sarayı, the major royal residence of Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th century

7. Pita Bread

IMG 20200607 180124 761

Pita bread is a round pocket bread and a staple of Eastern cuisine for more than 4,000 years. Originally, it was made with a combination of fresh dough and dough that was left to collect yeast. Pita is a simple flatbread that is easy to make, but the possibilities to stuff it, dip it, and wrap it are virtually infinite.


The bread is baked at high temperatures so the flat dough expands quickly, developing a steam-formed pocket on the interior. Pita is the perfect choice for steaks, lamb, falafelkebabs, or chicken, and it is traditionally paired with hummustzatziki sauce, or tabouleh–if it is a thicker, single-layer, Greek-style pita, cooked in a stone floor oven.

When made with whole wheat, it is highly nutritious and a great source of protein and fiber, with a very low-fat content. Today, some modern variations include pita paired with avocado and eggplants, as well as pita chips–baked pita bread that is perfect for dipping sauces.

8. Fistikli sarma

Fistikli sarma
Fistikli sarma

This Turkish sweet is made with a smooth, green, paste-like filling known as fıstık ezmesi (lit. pistachio butter). It is like a pistachio version of marzipan, and its bright green color is all-natural—it comes from the early-harvested Gaziantep pistachios.

The delicious pistachio paste is wrapped around a single sheet of phyllo dough, just to hold its green goodness together, which is why this type of baklava is called either fıstıklı sarma or fıstıklı dürüm, meaning pistachio wrap or pistachio roll.

9. Dim Sum

Dim sum
Dim sum

Dim sum is a variety of bite-sized food that is usually served with tea. It can range from savory dumplings, buns, and noodle rolls to sweet puddings and tarts. The term dim sum translates to touch the heart, and according to legend, it was invented many centuries ago by cooks of the Royal Court in order to touch the heart of Chinese emperors (but not to fully satiate their hunger).


What started as a simple snack is now a key part of Chinese culture. It is also a ritual family dish eaten on most weekend mornings in Hong Kong. Each dish usually consists of a few pieces of dim sum varieties, served in steamer baskets or on small plates, making them great for sharing or trying out new flavors.

Whether it is steamed dumplings with pork and prawns, spring rolls, stuffed crab claws, rice porridge congee, pork buns, wo tip dumplings with ground meat or rice noodle rolls, a variety of dim sum will satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

10. Fattoush


Fattoush is a simple salad made with traditional pita bread as a base on which the rest of the ingredients are built on. Pita bread is torn or cut into small bite-sized pieces, then toasted, grilled, or fried. It is then mixed with a variety of vegetables such as lettuce, radish, crunchy cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes, peppers, onions, and (occasionally) garlic.

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