10 places to see and activities in Calabar.

There are many locations in Calabar, Nigeria’s tourism hub, where visitors can have a special experience. If you truly want to make the most of your time in Calabar, check out this list of things to go.

1. National Museum Calabar

One of the nation’s historical landmarks, it houses valuable colonial relics as well as various ancient materials. The slave trade stories in this museum are sure to stir up feelings of wrath and emotion.

2. Tinapa Resort

Ten kilometers outside of Calabar, in Duke Town, is the neighborhood known as Tinapa Resort. It has a hotel, lots of dining options, a playground, a movie studio, a casino, a theater, and a lot more amenities to make sure you have an amazing time.

3. Obudu Mountain Resort

An incredible spot to unwind is at this exotic ranch and resort. Chalets, ordinary rooms, executive rooms, cottages, and presidential suites make up this tourist destination. This lovely setting is a place of nonstop enjoyment.

4. Agbokim Waterfalls

This amazing natural formation features seven streams that flow down a sheer cliff, creating a seven-faced fall surrounded by lush vegetation, valleys, and high hills that are shrouded in a rainbow-like glow. A great place for you to unwind and enjoy nature at its best is nearby. You are in for a cross-border experience because it is near to the Cameroon border.

5. Kwa Waterfall

This is a stunning body of water that emerges from the confined, narrow valley at the source of the Kwa River and is encircled by a lush mangrove forest. Kwa waterfalls’ tranquility and beautiful scenery make it the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work.

6. Millennium Park

The magnificent man-made Millennium Park was created to showcase the lengthy history of Calabar. It includes artifacts from the conflict, an arcade with a list of the dead troops, and other items. a great place for a picnic and unwinding.

7. Drill Ranch

At order to prevent the extinction of the endangered species, a colony of drills lives in this rehabilitation facility. Chimpanzees, Tropical Rainforest Drill Monkeys, a few other smaller crawling species, and various birds are also present in the ranch. Visitors can interact with the animals, enjoy a canopy walk, and view the pools created by the Bano River’s waterfalls.

8. Cross River National Park

The Cross River national park is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa home to different species of plants and animals which includes gorillas, drills, a gwantibo or golden potto forest elephant, and saleginella species. A tour around the park promises to be a thrilling experience with a host of activities like sport fishing, mountaineering, game viewing and various others.

9. Summit Hills

Residential structures, a golf course, a hotel, and recreational facilities are all part of a real estate that spans 367 hectares. Summit Hills would be a great place to visit.

10. Slave Museum

One of Nigeria’s most important historical locations is this. The museum houses records, artifacts, and records from the time of the slave trade.