10 Best Hair Relaxers in Nigeria

Hair Relaxers are lotions or creams used to straighten and soften curly or coarse hair. The name ‘relaxer’ is coined from the effect these products have on the hair. Hair relaxers chemically and permanently break down the bonds in your hair to alter its structure. When one uses a relaxer, the hair is left straight for up to eight weeks and becomes easier to style. The active agent in hair relaxers is a strong alkali that penetrates the layers of the hair shaft and loosens the natural curl pattern which results in softer hair. There are many brands of hair relaxers available in Nigeria. The best hair relaxers are no-lye relaxers which are gentler on the scalp due to their low alkaline content. No lye relaxers are less abrasive and irritating to the scalp. It is important you pick the right formula suited for your hair needs to avoid damaging your hair.

Below are the best hair relaxers in Nigeria.


This hair relaxer is made from natural extracts and helps to protect hair from external damage. Vitali Olive Oil Anti-Breakage Conditioning Relaxer detangles the hair and straightens the hair. It can be used on regular hair texture. This relaxer is infused with olive oil which provides smooth and healthy hair. Olive oil helps to provide excellent conditioning during the relaxing process so that the hair does not dry out. It also adds extra strength to prevent hair breakage. Vitali Relaxer also contains coconut oil and vitamins which provide extra scalp nourishment from roots to tip and protection while relaxing the hair. Coconut Oil also adds body and shine to hair. This hair relaxer kit contains a shampoo to eliminate any product buildup during the process. Your hair will be left stronger and healthier with fewer chances of breakage and split ends.


This is a moisturizing hair relaxer infused with olive oil that helps to protect the hair from damage during the relaxing process. Olive oil is known as an effective product for healing damaged hair. This relaxer provides continuous protection and a long-lasting shine for the hair. The ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection No-Lye Hair Relaxer is rich in essential fatty acids so that it delivers moisture directly into the scalp and hair roots. This is particularly a great feature for those with dry hair and scalp. This hair relaxer also contains other hydrating properties such as Shea butter, honey, and jojoba oil.


This relaxer is designed especially for African hair. It is comprised of rich natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and other herbal conditioners to nourish and moisturize the hair. It also contains Jojoba seed oil and Wheat germ oil which nourish the hair and scalp. After use, one is left with straighter and softer hair. Natures Gentle Touch is a No-Lye Relaxer for regular hair texture. If you have a sensitive scalp, this relaxer is the best option as it is reputed to be gentle on a sensitive scalp. This relaxer is a kit and contains all one needs for proper hair treatment. This includes Liquid activator, Neutralizing Shampoo, Hair Treatment, Leave-in Conditioner. Instructions for use is in the leaflet.


The Crème of Nature Argan Oil Relaxer not only straightens hair but adds shine to it. This formula will hydrate as well as strengthen your hair, leaving it straight and radiant after just one application. This relaxer can be used to guard against hair loss and breakage as it strengthens hair from the roots to its ends. It is available for both regular and super-strength hair textures. The Crème of Nature Argan Oil Relaxer is infused with Argan oil from Morocco which helps to moisturize the hair even during the relaxation process. After use, one is left with more straightened hair than some other hair relaxers provide and also with exotic shine and smoothness. It also contains intensive conditioning treatment.


Dr. Miracle’s No Lye Relaxer promotes strong, shiny, healthy hair. It is specially formulated to penetrate through the hair shaft, straighten hair and add shine. This relaxer contains proteins to provide the hair with thrice as much conditioning effect to help prevent breakage. It also contains Vitamins A and E for healthy hair growth. After one application, one is instantly left with stronger and shining hair. It provides you with the desired straightness without irritating your scalp. Dr. Miracle’s No Lye Hair Relaxer contains other nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil and Coconut oil, all of which helps to leave the hair smooth, strong, healthy and shiny.


Dark and Lovely Hair Relaxer is able to straighten and nourish the hair thrice as much. It is infused with the goodness of Shea Butter, Jojoba, Avocado Oils which provide ultimate nourishment to the hair. One is left with softer and stronger hair. This relaxer also delivers extra conditioning care and treatment to your hair. It is a No-Lye relaxer which means it is very gentle on sensitive scalp. It is so gentle on the scalp that it is ideal for the touch-up and treatment of hair breakage. This relaxer comes in three formulas: which are regular, super, and one for color-treated hair. There is a Dark and Lovely Hair Relaxer for every hair type, texture, or need.


This is a No-Lye relaxer that used to be known as Organics Africa’s best conditioning relaxer system. However, it used to be mistaken for Organics Olive Oil Root Stimulator (ORS) which is why the brand changed its name. This brand has grown to become a household name due to its effectiveness and innovation. This relaxer works on thick coarse hair and makes it silky, straight and smooth. It contains olive oil, Argan oil, carrot oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, tea tree oil; all of which provide the hair and scalp with ultimate nourishment. Originals Africa’s Best Conditioning Relaxer System comes in three variants for regular and coarse hair textures. It also has a product for children below 15 years. It has been testified by many users that consistency of use with this product guarantees optimal results.

These are the best relaxers available in Nigeria that will not damage your hair but help straighten and strengthen it.