10 Best Body Spray in Nigeria

Body sprays are much preferable options for many in place of perfumes or colognes. This is because body sprays have more subtle, lighter smells but still have long-lasting fragrances. In fashion, having the right or attractive fragrance is just as important as the cloth you wear. After all, in order to be considered fashion-forward, one must please all the senses, that is visual and olfactory. Just like various clothing options, body sprays come in different scents such as woody scents, floral scents, spicy scents and many others, which means you get to decide what you want to smell like. You can also choose to combine two or more of these fragrances for your own customized scent.

Find out the best body sprays in Nigeria:


Explore Deodorant body spray has good reviews as many consider it to be not only nice but long-lasting. It has its own unique and matured fragrance and does not smell like cheap, rampant spray. Explore deodorant gives your body a fresh and captivating scent that can last the whole day. This deodorant spray is made with quality ingredients and is non-irritant. It is also reputed to be 100% cloth stain-free, this means if you are tired of seeing wet patches from sweat on your clothes, this is the spray for you.


Body Fantasies has a full range of body sprays that you can choose from. Mostly, this brand appeals to women because of their particular fragrances such as red velvet, vanilla, sweet pea, cherry and numerous other fresh fragrances. The brand claims that for all of its fragrances, you will fall in love at your first spray and be left with a long-lasting deep scent. Body Fantasies has a scent for you, whether you want to smell like the outdoor life of herbs and flowers or the indoor life of the freshly baked cake.


All Colour Me fragrances are of high quality and are lasting for up to 6 hours. The scents of Colour Me sprays are unique, pleasant and desirable. You also have as many as 40 options to pick from. Examples of the Colour Me body sprays are the Colour Me Pink Perfume, Colour Me Perfume Red, Colour Me Perfume Sky blue. The Colour Me Pink Perfume, for example, is a floral smell for ladies who like to smell like fresh flowers while the Colour Me Perfume Black is a woody type of fragrance, typical for men.


The Nivea Men Dry Impact is a favorite among many for its long-lasting effect even when its user has sweated a lot. It is dermatologically proven to be non-irritant and can last up to 48 hours. The Nivea Men Dry Impact does not contain any ethyl alcohol and is effective at regulating perspiration. Many Nivea Men Dry Impact users praise it for being mild and gentle yet lasting.


The Casablanca perfume provides an oriental fragrance for both men and women. Casablanca has different fragrances that range from woody to fruity, musky, fresh, green, so you can decide which you want.  This body spray is designed to give you a long-lasting and unique smell and all-day freshness. Casablanca is a unisex fragrance and is ideal for cooler seasons.


The Victoria Secret Body Mist is designed to give its user an experience of luxury. It is able to keep one feeling fresh for the entire day even while one is busy or active. This formula is infused with Aloe Vera and Chamomile to calm and refresh you. All you need to do is spray just the right amount for a touch of scent.


Popularly known as 212 Men, this body spray is nice for both indoor and outdoor activities. It has a wide range of aromatic scents such as fruit, leather and caviar. If you want that spray that is fit for a casual outing, the Carolina 212 Men is your go-to.


Smart Collection body sprays are one of the most popular and best-worn fragrances around the world. It is easy to make this part of your day-to-day dressing. There is a large collection of smart perfumes you can choose from depending on your mood or personality. Examples of Smart Collection fragrances are Smart Collection Eau De Perfume for women, Smart Collection Fahrenheit, Smart Collection Perfume for Men, Smart Collection Fantasy Perfume, Smart Collection Oud Touch Paris and many others.


Black and white perfume is a perfume designed for men. Its fragrance is classy and long-lasting. Users of Black & White Perfume also comment on the comfort it provides. As a body spray specifically designed for men, its scent stands out as full of strength, class and luxury.


Rexona is a popular deodorant formulated by Unilever. Its unique technology helps to provide extra protection. With Rexona, it is guaranteed that you feel fresh all day. Rexona acts as an antiperspirant while soaking up your sweat and leaving no stains on your clothing. Rexona has a range of products available for both men and women such as the Rexona Sexy bouquet for women and the Rexona Original for men.


Axe is a brand of male grooming products, owned by Unilever and marketed toward the younger male demographic. It is officially known as “AXE Antiperspirant Dry Spray,” You use it by spraying under your armpits to keep dry for up to 48 hours. Axe body spray works by blocking the sweat before it reaches your skin so you feel dry all day. There are different AXE products with differing fragrances. These are AXE Gold, AXE Dark Temptation, AXE Black, AXE Apollo and many other options you can choose from to achieve different scents of the fine fragrance of wood, spice, chocolate, or just subtle fragrances.